5 Rivers Delta Safaris Testimonials

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Testimonial PhotoKristian and 5 Rivers Delta Safaris Team,

5RDS has been a awesome company to work with. We are so excited about filming the "Showdown in the Swamp" for the Global Outfitters Show with such a great Outfitter.

Best Regards,
Sam Hall, Global Outfitters

Testimonial PhotoI had a very good time on your trip.  You have a very good organization and a very well executed plan for the trip.  There is nothing like getting to your campsite to be welcomed by good food and new friends.

I searched for anything I could say would improve the experience and could only come up with Marshmallows and maybe chocolate bars with graham crackers to make smores with.  That’s pretty good, as I like to dissect businesses and build it back better myself.  You did good ! ! 

I’d like to talk to you about another (private) trip in March.
Again, we had a GREAT time !  Thank you for the memories !

Thomas J. Hand, IV

Testimonial PhotoThis covers a lot of happy birders! I'm glad that the cruises and paddles we added went so well. I heard great things about them all. Thanks so much for your good work and for your support of BirdFest!

D. Fran Morley "Nestkeeper" Alabama Coastal BirdFest

Testimonial PhotoOur kayaking trip was so much fun and such a great memory for all of us! Kyle was a knowledgeable and very nice guide. We appreciated his tremendous efforts to make the trip an enjoyable one. We would definitely be interested in other trips and would love to know what kinds of tours are available for future reference. Please keep us posted. We are looking forward to more adventures!

Alison Robinson

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