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Bellingrath Gardens

Area Attraction PhotoWelcome to Bellingrath Gardens and Home! An abundance of colors, fragrances and scenic views await you. Bellingrath Gardens and Home was the creation of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bellingrath. The Gardens first opened to the public in 1932 while a national garden club meeting was taking place in Mobile. Mr. Bellingrath placed an ad in the Mobile paper, announcing that anyone who would like to see the spring garden could do so free of charge. After an overwhelming response, the couple decided to keep the gardens open year-round, beginning in 1934.

Throughout the year, this 65 acre Garden Estate is in full bloom with camellias in the winter, azaleas in the spring, roses in the summer, chrysanthemums in autumn and Magic Christmas in Lights during the holiday season.

Blakely State Park

Area Attraction PhotoCome walk in time through Blakeley by the Tensaw . . .

Nowhere on this Gulf Coast can you descend from the last Appalachian Hill into a massive National Historic Register Site. The view gradually plunging down to the mossy banks of the Tensaw River is breathtaking . . . truly a photographer's haven.

Largest National Historic Register Site east of the Mississippi River - encompassing 3800 acres nestled beside the Tensaw River.
Abounds with Prehistoric Indian mounds
Last major battle of the Civil War fought here at Fort Blakeley (5 1/2 miles of unspoiled breastworks where 26,000 soldiers met)
10.5 miles of magnificent nature trails, bicycle and horse paths
The South's most beautiful Ghost Town - 1814 City of Blakeley

Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Area Attraction PhotoThe Estuarium at Dauphin Island Sea Lab, is an exciting educational facility highlighting the four key habitats of coastal Alabama: the Mobile Tensaw River Delta, Mobile Bay, the Barrier Islands and the Northern Gulf of Mexico. It includes the 10,000 square foot Exhibit Hall and Living Marsh Boardwalk. This facility is a showcase of the plants, animals, and other natural resources found in the Estuary and its surrounding marine habitats.

Through beautiful visual exhibits and engaging interactive exhibits, the Estuariumwill leave you with a broader understanding of the interactions that take place in Mobile Bay, the fourth largest estuary system in the United States.

Gulf Coast Exploreum

Area Attraction PhotoWith more than 150 interactive exhibits, thought-provoking larger-than-life IMAX films, and fun, hands-on educational programming, the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center aspires to increase science literacy among the people of south Alabama and the Gulf Coast region, residents and visitors alike.

By sparking imagination, creating curiosity and instilling a sense of wonder in the world, the Exploreum has been a cornerstone of informal learning on the Gulf Coast since its inception more than 30 years ago. With the continued support of the community – visionary civic leaders, generous donors, contributing members and volunteers – the Exploreum is able to bring the world of science to the Gulf Coast.

In addition to fulfilling its worthwhile mission, the Exploreum actively contributes to Mobile by stimulating economic growth in the area. According to recent studies, in 2005 the Exploreum generated an economic impact totaling $12 to $15 million during the international traveling exhibit The Dead Sea Scrolls – a figure that benefits the city, the county, and multiple education and tourism partners, including schools, hotels, restaurants and area attractions. In 2008, the Exploreum hosted OUR BODY: The Universe Within, which had visitors from all 50 states and 24 countries and a nearly $7 million economic impact.

Mobile Carnival Museum

Area Attraction PhotoThe Mobile Carnival Museum opened in 2005 to rave reviews. The museum offers 14 gallery rooms, a pictorial hallway, theater, den (social gathering area) and gift shop. In addition, the home is registered as a historic building and affords visitors the opportunity to enjoy detailed crown molding, pine floors and exquisite chandeliers.

The concept of a museum totally dedicated to Mardi Gras had been a goal of numerous native Mobilians for years. When the opportunity to lease the historic Bernstein-Bush house became available, the Mobile Carnival Association took the lead in securing the building lease and acquiring important and appropriate memorabilia and props. MCA coordinated a volunteer effort of historians, artists, lawyers, businessmen, architects, contractors, and seamstresses- just to name a few - who all gave of their time and talents to get the museum established.

USS Alabama

Area Attraction PhotoVisit Battleship Memorial Park, America's Most unique military attraction, an unforgettable adventure for the entire family. Prepare your imagination for takeoff as you walk the flight line of our historic aircraft inside the huge Aircraft Pavilion. Experience life the way it was over seven decades ago on one of America's most decorated Battleships.

Displacing more than 44,500 tons, the USS ALABAMA measures 680 feet from stem to stern, half as long as the Empire State Building is tall. Armed with nine, 16-inch guns in three turrets and 20, 5-inch, .38-caliber guns in 10 twin mounts, her main batteries could fire shells as heavy as a small car accurately for a distance of more than 20 miles. Her steel side armor was a foot thick above the waterline, tapering to one half inch at the bottom. Her four propellers, each weighing more than 18 tons, could drive her through the seas at up to 28 knots, more than 32 miles per hour. Loaded with 7,000 tons of fuel oil, her range was about 15,000 nautical miles. The USS ALABAMA was built to fight.

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